Afghanistan: Taliban allowed the first commercial charter flight to leave

    Stranded planes of US citizens and endangered American allies sit on the tarmac at Mazar-i-Sharif Airport in northern Afghanistan earlier this week.

    On Thursday the Taliban gave permission for the first commercial charter flight to leave Afghanistan since the last American military plane departed nearly two weeks ago. A Qatar Airways flight with 113 Americans, US permanent residents and holders of passports from other countries left Kabul and flew safely to Doha, Qatar.

    The same plane had arrived in Kabul on Thursday with humanitarian aid and was prepared to depart with up to 200 passengers; however, because many had been in hiding from the Taliban, several couldn’t make it to the airport in time. Another flight has already been approved by the Taliban and is scheduled for Friday.

    What’s most interesting is how these two flights were coordinated and realized. This was not the result of efforts by the Biden administration nor State Department diplomacy.

    Rather, reliable sources that were involved in the negotiations, whom we cannot yet name, tell us that a Washington D.C. association called “Trump Group” facilitated the flights! They also selected the specific individuals who would be allowed on the plane.

    The Biden administration took credit for the airlift.

    Conversely, the six charter planes that have been waiting for the Biden administration to negotiate clearance with the Taliban for over a week, remain on the tarmac of Mazar Al Sharif airport. Unfortunately their fate remains uncertain as the State Department claims to have security concerns with vetting those who will be on the planes and the potential risks posed to personnel at the military bases in the region where they would land.

    Stranded planes of US citizens and endangered American allies sit on the tarmac at Mazar-i-Sharif Airport in northern Afghanistan earlier this week.

    Considering the images and news reports of absolute chaos surrounding the indiscriminate loading of evacuees onto military planes two weeks ago, the administration’s excuses are almost laughable if not unbelievable.

    The entire departure process of the United States leaving Afghanistan couldn’t have been worse if they had tried. From pulling out forces before civilians, leaving in the middle of the night without dropping off the keys to the landlord, the multi-billion-dollar military gift packages and abandoning both allies and Americans without regret, have all been incomprehensible. If that weren’t bad enough, the administration has refused to even help our veteran operators and retired special forces who went to rescue those left behind.

    Never forget that The Trump Group did what the Biden group wouldn’t.

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