75% of voters dissatisfied or ‘angry’ with government

    Whether Democrats view their election results Tuesday night as a success, or not, they have been told by voters that their work in Washington is not being seen that way.

    Fox News reported that it found through exit polling that 75% of voters said they were dissatisfied or “downright angry” at the way government is running right now.

    Under Joe Biden, inflation is surging to as high as 9%, gasoline prices are hitting the budgets of even wealthy families, and polls show even those earning $100,000 are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    Only one in four is reporting being enthusiastic or satisfied.

    Fox reported, “This sentiment is strongest in the Rocky Mountain and northern Plains states. Wyoming lodges the highest rate of disapproval – with 87% saying they’re unhappy.”

    Further, the voters are saying that the balance of power, especially in the Senate, is shaping their votes. Ninety-three percent said it was the most important, or an important factor.

    For the past two years Democrats have held the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress, leading to a one-sided government agenda that essentially disregarded the 75 million voters who supported President Trump in the last election.

    The assessment of voters also found that 58% have an unfavorable opinion of Joe Biden.

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