2024 Election:Most New Hampshire Democrats want Biden Primaried

    A recent poll from the University of New Hampshire found that 45 percent of likely Democrat voters in their first-in-the-nation 2024 primary would like to see President Joe Biden be challenged, showing the first signs of dissatisfaction within the state.

    The granite state poll found that only 29 percent would prefer to see Biden run unopposed in the primary, with an additional 26 percent who said they either “don’t know” or are “not sure.”

    However, the poll numbers for Biden were nearly reversed from a July poll that asked the same questions. In July, only 29 percent of the respondents would have liked to see Biden primaried in 2024.

    Ten percent more (29 percent) from the current poll also said they would like to see Biden run unopposed in the primary. There was also 33 percent who said they either “don’t know” or are “not sure.”

    Additionally, within the state, only 34 percent are favorable of the president, with a majority (53 percent) finding Biden unfavorable, 13 percent were neutral on the question.

    The latest Granite State Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center was taken between October 14 and 18. There were 1,061 respondents who answered the question, which has a margin of +/- three percentage points. For the likely Democrat voters, the questions had 427 respondents with a margin of plus or minus 4.7 percentage points.

    Last week, Biden saw his lowest overall job performance from a nationwide Zogby poll when the numbers came cratering down to 36.4 percent during the first nine months of his presidency.

    The president, while in office, has faced many challenges in the last nine months, such as a botched Afghanistan withdrawal causing the death of 13 U.S servicemembers and hundreds of U.S. citizens, Afghan allies, and vulnerable Afghans left in the county controlled by Taliban terrorists; and more recently, a supply chain crisis, where over a hundred ships are waiting off the U.S. coast to dock foreign goods.

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